The United Kingdom Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal

The United Kingdom Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT) was established by Survivors of institutional childhood sexual abuse and their supporters.

The People’s Tribunal was an independent body that emerged from the need of Survivors to be heard and in response to their determination to secure government and parliamentary acknowledgment of the extent of sexual abuse of children in the UK.

Its mandate was to examine cases of institutional childhood sexual abuse upon request from individuals or civil society organizations in the context of alleged failings on the part of government and statutory bodies both national and local.

The People’s Tribunal served to work parallel to any inquiry undertaken by the government and its intention is that its own findings will be of assistance. It is essential that Survivors and witnesses are empowered to give evidence and this was the Tribunal’s guiding principle.  It will provide a forum for those who want to give evidence and to do so in an environment to ensure that their voice is heard.

The resulting report was delivered to parliament and other government entities.

You can reach the UKCSAPT at: